This past weekend at Madison Square Garden, SAP partnered with the NBA to bring fans closer to the NBA All-Star action with an interactive showcase that allowed fans to engage with some of the most memorable All-Star moments from the last 64 years.

Located on the SAP Madison Concourse at Madison Square Garden, more than two thousand fans interacted the showcase throughout the weekend for an in-depth look at the 20 selected All-Star players with highlights from past NBA All-Star Games.

#AllStarMoments, which was a twist on the #Garden366 exhibit unveiled in December, leveraged the SAP HANA® Cloud Platform and used social media analytics to measure fan sentiment in real time about the two different teams.

SAP was able to track conversation from the five boroughs to the seven continents, showcasing how truly a global game basketball has become.

While the All-Star version of the concourse installation was only available during the 2015 All-Star game, fans can check out the #Garden366 exhibit all year round and online.



Published February 13, 2015 in Basketball NBA All-Star