Video credited to Extreme Sailing Series.

In the eighth year of the global circuit, SAP AG has continued to enhance the Extreme Sailing Series with new analysis tools based on feedback. Feedback from sailors showed that a more efficient approach was required to evaluate pre-start performance. As in Formula One, Extreme Sailing races are often decided before the start signal — how a team positions itself on the start line can determine the results of the race. 

New features include key start line parameters - course length, angle to wind, favored side and advantage, all in real time. A live leaderboard will also display statistics such as countdown to the start of the race, distance to start line, position where the line has been crossed and start tack. SAP also provides post-race automated reports, which can be tailored to individual requirements and have the ability to break the data down to supply. For instance, an overview of a year, a specific team, an Act, a day or even a certain race can be made available. This important development will help teams and the media in particular to review and compare specific moments in the Series in an easily consumable format.

SAP is the Official Technical Partner of the Series and title sponsor of the SAP Extreme Sailing Team.

Published October 28, 2014 in Sailing

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