We are expecting a lot from our team this year, its unfinished business as far as we are concerned and winning is part of the master plan.

Marina bay is perhaps the smallest track of all the venues on the series and provides a stern test for the competing teams. Certainly our team feels this is one of the more difficult places to race due to the confined race area. It was action packed last year with 12 boats, now with 9 boats it will still prove to be as exciting, but still expecting a lot of congestion, so our aim will be to stay out of trouble and survive unscathed.

The venue is also tricky because of the surrounding sky scrapers, making the wind patterns very hard to predict for all the teams, also the differential in the pressure and the gusts is big, anywhere between 5 knots - 15 knots its shifty, pretty unpredictable. You really have to think on your feet, be quick with your reactions, and you have to be pretty slick with your boat handling. The Extreme 40 boats are fast, agile and extremely tough which is what makes these boats so special to race. The creators of the x40s took the fastest Olympic boat the tornado and doubled it in size, which means its super fast and super tough.

We are hoping as one of the more experienced teams we can now shake up the order. We’ve still got our core sailors in our team and so only a slightly new line up with the addition of youth European 49 champion Mad Emil Lubeck joining as trimmer.

With two new teams competing on the Extreme Sailing Series Singapore will be interesting from a form guide perspective. The Wave Muscat must be considered as the team to beat but nothing is certain in Marina Bay. The first race kicks off on Thursday the 5th of Feb and keen to post good race results daily and we don’t want to get stuck in traffic, we are bouncing back, and back in the hunt.

Blog by Jes Gram-Hansen, Co-Skipper, SAP Extreme Sailing Team

Published January 28, 2015 in Sailing