In 2011, SAP partnered with Audi Sailing Team Germany (STG) following the objective of developing solutions to support sailors’ decision-making and help link their strategy to execution. Besides supporting STG’s management and operations, one of the main goals of the collaboration was to make sailing more transparent using in-memory data retrieval, mobile data entry and accessibility, cloud technologies and analytics. As a result, several solutions have been developed and positioned in order to meet various needs of professional sailors and coaches as well as fans and spectators.

How do sailors and spectators benefit from SAP’s Sailing Analytics?

As an example, SAP Sail Better is an on-demand mobile solution designed to equip sailors with the tools to help them optimise their training, collect and share performance critical data around boat control, sail trim settings and performance classifications as well as venue related wind and tide conditions.

Partnering with Kieler Woche, which is the world’s largest regatta event, SAP also developed a sailing analytics leader-board displaying the position of every competitor on a map along with live race information. This is a revolutionary step forward in sailing sports and being used in the Kieler Woche TV broadcast, SAP enhances spectator experiences and provides sailors with greater insight into sailing tactics.

Providing post-race analysis based on SAP HANA®

For the purpose of being able to perform post-race analyses, SAP has created a dashboarding solution linked in the Kieler Woche Live Center in order to provide deep insights into sailors’ performances and rankings throughout a regatta, breaking several measures, such as speed, distance or time figures, down to race and leg level. This allows retracing each GPS-tracked race during a sailing event, as well as recapitulating how a race evolved along the timeline and comparing sailors’ performances against each other. Additionally, by holding race data across several regattas and events in an SAP HANA database as a single point of truth, sailors as well as coaches and spectators are enabled to aggregate performance measures over longer periods of time. This provides capabilities of discovering sailors’ characteristics along with an analysis of strengths and weaknesses of performances under diverse circumstances, which include wind strength, sailing direction and speed evolution. The SAP Business Analytics tools will provide insight into these questions.

SAP is bringing an enormous progress and innovation into sailing sports by providing those insights and addressing both desktop and mobile devices. SAP’s sailing analytics solutions transform past practices of unreliable evaluations based on emotions, estimations, and experiences into relevant and dynamic analyses at the sailor’s and spectator’s fingertips.

Facing a promising and exciting future

Using SAP HANA as a data foundation, SAP and STG are well prepared for processing huge amounts of data resulting from GPS tracking information, wind measurement data and sailing performance figures. This data is growing dramatically with every regatta being tracked and it is crucial to rely on a sizable and high-performing data persistency layer, perfectly represented by SAP. 

This article written by Milan Cerny originally appeared on the SAP HANA blog.

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