Everyone wants to feel like the smartest fan in the room on Super Bowl Sunday. To help you get ready for game day, we've put together a list of seven simple Super Bowl stats:


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Game Day Insight: Last year's coin toss landed on tails, breaking a five year streak of heads. 


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Game Day Insight: Seattle won wearing white jerseys last year. This year New England will wear their white jerseys on game day. 


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Game Day Insight: Neither starting quarterback has thrown for more than 400 passing yards this season. 


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Game Day Insight: The most points New England has scored this season was 55. Seattle's largest point total of the year was 38. 


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Game Day Insight: Neither team has returned a kickoff for a touchdown this season, but New England has taken one punt return back for a touchdown. 


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Game Day Insight: Seattle's longest field goal of the season was hit from 58 yards, New England's longest came from 53 yards. 


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Game Day Insight: New England has won three Super Bowls in franchise history; Seattle has one Super Bowl victory. 

Published January 27, 2015 in Football Super Bowl