After weeks of bold predictions, heated debates and around the clock media coverage, we’re finally just one day away from kicking off Super Bowl XLIX. As the anticipation for Super Bowl Sunday continues to build, so do the conversations taking place amongst fans on social media and other online sports publications. If you’re anything like me, you need a resource to simplify all that noise and help you become more prepared for game day. Fortunately, SAP is leveraging the power of SAP HANA® technology to deliver social media insights around the biggest topics of this year’s Super Bowl.

Our SAP Sponsorships team checked in last week to share some initial insights, and I’m excited to highlight how fan opinions have shifted leading up to Super Bowl XLIX:

Trending Topics
The trending keywords around #SB49 continue to highlight the widespread interest around this year’s Super Bowl. From player nicknames and team mottos to branded campaigns and celebrity appearances, the conversations taking place around Super Bowl XLIX have covered a wide array of topics on and off the field.

Geographic Breakdown
This map highlights the different states that have been talking the most about each of the two teams playing in Super Bowl XLIX (Seattle = Green, New England = Blue). Since last week, New England has taken over a bit more of the conversation in the Midwest, but the country still seems largely split between the two Super Bowl contenders. One key area to take notice of is the state of Arizona. That dark shade of green highlights a heavy influx of Seattle fans, which could make an impact on the game tomorrow.

Reasons to Watch
reasons to watch.png
This live opinion poll has produced drastically different results since we checked in with fans last week. As online promotions and teasers for Super Bowl commercials have continued to leak, brands have been able to take more control of the conversation surrounding Super Bowl XLIX.  I’d expect buzz to shift back towards the game closer to kickoff, but it definitely looks like fans are planning on staying tuned during commercial breaks.

Style of Play
Earlier in the week, 95% of fans thought we’d see more passing than running in this year’s Super Bowl. It looks like the media has done a good job of reminding everybody that Seattle led the league in rushing this season. With Seattle’s focus on the ground game and New England’s dangerous aerial attack, a 50/50 split seems like a perfect prediction for Super Bowl XLIX.

Loudest Fans (On Social Media)
loudest fans.png
Seattle’s known for making some serious noise with their ‘12th Man,’ and it looks like that passion has carried over onto social media as well. Last season over 25.3 million tweets were sent during the Super Bowl, it wouldn’t be surprising to see that number surpassed this year.

Which Team Will Score First?
As a Seattle fan, seeing the results of this poll stings a little bit. In four of the last five Super Bowls, the first team to score has gone on to win the game. Last year, Seattle got on the board just 12 seconds into the game with a safety and never looked back. This year, most fans think New England will strike first.

MVP Predictions
Defensive players have gotten a little more love as the week has gone on, but most fans are still going with an offensive player as their Super Bowl XLIX MVP. While 12 of the last 15 Super Bowl MVPs have been offensive players, SAP ambassador Marshall Faulk reminded us this week that unexpected heroes frequently emerge on the NFL’s biggest stage.  

No matter which team you’re rooting for, SAP is here to bring you insights and analytics that improve the way you experience game day. We’re proud to help your Super Bowl Sunday run simple, and can’t wait for kickoff! I personally am so excited to watch the game and the commercials today. Good luck to both teams and have a safe and happy Super Bowl Sunday.

Maggie Chan Jones, CMO – SAP

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